July news update Carvoeiro

Thank you for joining us at Holiday Rental Algarve in Carvoeiro.  Just a short info email as we “wander” through these strange times in Carvoeiro, with Covid still having a major impact on the region.

The town has started to open up a bit as we reach July mid season, nothing close to what it was before Covid, but certainly the restaurants are starting to fill up a bit.  We went to Le Crô (walk up the hill past Happy’s, on that side of the road) the other night, and all the outside tables were in use.  If you have never been, I fully recommend a visit.  It has amazing tapas (not the usual “tapas” stuff) and the young owner and his wife have really pulled all the stops out to make their place special - and it is.  Wine is by the glass and very reasonable (he use to work in wine production, and his recommendations and knowledge is brilliant.  I have stopped even asking when my glass is empty, he just appears with a new glass of wine - “try this, you will love it”)…

In 2020 we lost almost 100% of our bookings in Quintal, Brisa and Vida with Covid.  There was a lot of talk on Facebook about some owners not fully refunding when people had to cancel - but we gave everyone 100% refund; no questions asked.  That is the only fair thing to do!  It has been a tough year, but we are starting to see a tricky of new bookings in August.  Plenty of space in the booking calendar if you feel like a late break!!!

We also reduced out rental prices across the board in 2020, and now that 2021 is open for booking, we decided to keep these lower prices still going (probably until Jan 2021) for anyone that wants to book early now for next season. Check it out on the website

If you ever thought about a long term break (November to March/April) in wonderful Carvoeiro over the winter months, why not drop us a line at and check out our off season prices (starting at only 450 Euros per month, depending on property and length of booking). Electric and water is extra, but internet, stunning sunsets and breathtaking costal walks are included for free :-)

Thats all for now folks.  Stay safe.

Doug and Daniella

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