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Carvoeiro, Algarve 

Carvoeiro is a picturesque and traditional Portuguese resort town, which is situated along a stunning coastline of golden beaches and dramatic natural scenery.

Carvoeiro is a fantastic destination if you are seeking a calm and relaxed holiday, which is based within a characterful and charming town. The peaceful and welcoming ambience of Carvoeiro makes it an ideal location for families during the summer, or for couples and retirees outside of the peak season.

The majority of tourists visit Carvoeiro purely for a relaxed beach holiday, but there is a surprising amount to see and do within the surrounding region. This includes historic towns to discover, challenging hiking trails, exciting boat tours or the thrill of the Algarve’s theme and water parks.


Carvoeiro has so much to offer, and is the perfect blend of Portuguese heritage with modern holiday facilities and services.

Carvoeiro beach & cliffs

With its old history, this picturesque fishing village in the Algarve has a beautiful beach, located in a small bay of clear water, which makes it quite sheltered. From the beach, you can take the many boat trips to visit the caves and other isolated beaches.


The town of Carvoeiro offers a group of small beaches cut by rocky cliffs, with clear waters and fine sand, forming paradisiacal summer resorts. Walking along the wooden walkways on the cliffs is one of the most beautiful walks in the area, discovering not only the beauty of the beaches, and spectacular sunsets, but also appreciating the testimonies that history has left in its architectural heritage.


The site of the Algar Seco is fantastic, with the harmonious set of its rocks that form authentic balconies and natural windows on the sea. Monte Carvoeiro, on the opposite side, represents the highest and most luxurious coastal area of the town of Carvoeiro.

Our unbiased opinion:Who is Carvoeiro best suited for?

Carvoeiro is a great holiday destination for a variety of different tourists. During the peak summer months, Carvoeiro is primarily a family holiday destination (as with the majority of the Algarve). Outside of the school holidays (May-Jul and Sep-Oct), the town is popular with couples young and old, while attracting a diverse mix of nationalities.

During the low season (Oct-Apr) Carvoeiro is very quiet, but mostly caters for the more mature visitors, who come for the good weather and relaxed social ambience, where the days are spent socialising with like-minded visitors.

The Carvoeiro region will appeal to outdoor types, with activities including; sea kayaking, hiking, cycle or a round of golf on the region’s famed courses. If you want beautiful natural, then there are unspoilt cliffs heading both east and west, the Praia da Marinha beach, or the Praia dos Caneiros headland.

The one group of tourists Carvoeiro is not really suited for are groups looking to party and have a drink-fuelled holiday, for this head to the Strip in Albufeira or Praia da Rocha. There are still a lot of bars and nightclubs in the town, but the place is very much more "low key" and caters more for couples and families.

Carvoeiro has a huge selection of restaurants, over 150 at our last count and there is something for all tastes.  If you are looking for fine dining there are some gems to be found around Carvoeiro and likewise, simple local food and great fish from the ocean are also available.


Each of our properties has a "spoon display board" (look at the pics, and you will understand :-) which gives several recommendations of the best places to eat in town.  We also encourage our guests to add their own favorites to the "spoon of recommendation".

On initial view, Carvoeiro may not seem like a destination for older children and teenagers (12-16), but during the summer the town is surprisingly good for this age range. The town is close to the major theme parks of Zoomarine and Slide and Splash, and Carvoeiro does not experience the night-time rowdiness or drunkenness of the larger resorts. 

Carvoeiro does have significant tourist development, but the region does not feel as overrun as with many other locations along the Algarve.

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